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Want a career in IT? It’s Possible Get plugged into an IT career!
With our ICT50115 Diploma of Information Technology, you will learn the skills and knowledge required to administer and manage information and communications technology (ICT) in a variety of workplace settings.
If you’ve got a natural ability with technology and computers, this could be just the right course for you. The ICT50115 Diploma of Information Technology combines theoretical and higher lever technical skills in computing with business information technology to equip you with the skills that will put you at the centre of the big decisions your business makes.
You’ll be adept in implementing and managing ICT programs including, Microsoft Windows Desktop Operation Systems, Microsoft Server 2012r2, Virtualisation, Ubuntu and Debian Linux Systems and experienced in Operating Systems, Server and Networking Fundamentals.
This course will provide you with the confidence to pursue a career in the IT industry.

You’ll learn to:

    • Identify ICT requirements in a business environment to provide hardware and software solutions
    • Spot and rectify network problems
    • Understand how to design, configure and test a network server
    • Manage the security of a network
    • Setup a virtual computing environment
    • Oversee and coordinate IT projects

Career Outcomes:

      • Systems Administrator
        IT System Administrators are responsible for installing, supporting, and maintaining servers or other computer systems, and planning for, and responding to, service outages and other problems. Other duties may include project management for systems-related projects.
      • IT System Manager
        IT Systems Managers ensure all the resources required for the delivery of computing and information services are functioning to their full potential. They are responsible for analysing, implementing, operating and managing software, telecommunications, networks and computer systems through all phases of a life cycle, including the evaluation of strategies for hardware, software and staffing.
      • Project Manager
        Project Managers need to keep their team motivated whilst managing other resources such as time and budget at the same time. Project Managers frequently host progress update meetings with their teams to ensure that the project remains on track and that the objectives will be met in a timely manner.
      • IT Support Officer
        IT Support Officers provide help and advice to customers using an organisation’s products or services. This role consists of monitoring, maintaining and delivering IT services and supporting infrastructure, with a keen focus on customer service and relationship building.
      • Network Support
        Network support administrators support and monitor networks and network equipment including switches, servers, routers including troubleshooting for local and wide area networks.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification, but preferred pathways for candidates considering this qualification include achieving a Certificate IV level course in the Information Technology field or other relevant qualification, or demonstrated skills.

Study Options*

Prime Learning offer this course as a Fee for Service – Anyone has the opportunity to undertake this course through distance education anywhere in Australia.

ICT50115 Diploma of Information Technology

This course can be completed in 24 months (based on a full-time workload). It requires the successful completion of twenty (20) units, made up of core and elective units.

Cluster One
Unit Code Unit Name
ICTICT509 Gather data to identify business requirements
ICTICT501 Research and review hardware technology options for organisations
ICTSAS518 Install and upgrade operating systems
ICTSAS510 Review and develop ICT maintenance strategy
ICTNWK516 Determine best-fit topology for a local network
ICTNWK532 Identify and resolve network problems
Cluster Two
Unit Code Unit Name
ICTICT511 ICTICT511 Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise
ICTNWK505 Design, build and test a network server
BSBSUS501 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability
ICTSAS506 Update ICT system operational procedures
ICTNWK511 Manage network security
ICTSAS505 Review and update disaster recovery and contingency plans
ICTPRG511 Monitor and support data conversion to new ICT system
Cluster Three
Unit Code Unit Name
CUAPOS201 Perform basic vision and sound editing
ICTWEB504 Build a document using eXtensible markup language
ICTWEB506 Develop complex cascading style sheets
ICTWEB505 Develop complex web page layouts
ICTWEB411 Produce basic client-side script for dynamic web pages
ICTSUS501 Implement server virtualisation for a sustainable ICT system
BSBWHS501 Ensure a safe workplace

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