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Learning Support

As a Prime student, you will be provided with unlimited access to our Mystudydesk or Catapult interactive learning site. Mystudydesk and Catapult contain all of your course needs.

Prime offers a range of support to our students throughout their study. This includes educational and support services that as a student, you may need to assist you in course achievement including:

•  A Training Plan (and record book, where required), developed upon enrolment.
•  A Support Plan
•  Industry qualified trainers

Learning Model

When it comes to learning, everyone is different. Do you prefer reading, listening, visual or more hands on, one-on-one learning? Do you prefer to study within business hours, in the evenings or even on the weekends?

At Prime Learning we work with you to understand your study needs. We will work with you and your staff to tailor training plan to ensure that you have access to learning experiences that suit your workplace needs.

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