A traineeship is a rewarding way to develop the required skills relevant to your business needs. Your business may be eligible for incentives. Eligibility criteria applies.

We are able to deliver this course as a traineeship in the workplace or via distance education. This is a Fee for Service Traineeship
• Fee for Service – Anyone has the opportunity to undertake this course through distance education anywhere in Australia. The initiative is designed particularly to support employers who provide ongoing employment opportunities for Australian school-based and entry-level Trainees through a Traineeship or Apprenticeship contract.
• Traineeships are for people employed on a permanent basis working at least 15 hours per week
• Traineeships must be relevant to the trainee’s current job role
• Trainee must have adequate supervision by someone on-site in the business who holds the qualification or able to perform duties of the role
• Trainees must be given time in their normal work hours to complete some of their training
• Trainees must document time spent doing training related activities or study

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